Calendar management isn’t easy. I’m sure there are plenty of business owners out there who plain hate it, but they carry on regardless. Why? Because many don’t know that there is another option. They see calendar management as a crucial part of running a business and feel that they ‘should’ be doing it themselves. But think about how much time you would save, if you just let a Virtual Assistant manage your calendar for you. Think about the benefits you would glean from that.

Can’t see what those benefits are? That’s OK. Here’s a brief overview of what they are and why it makes sense for you to stop managing your own business calendar.

#1: Your business looks professional

As a busy business owner you’ll appreciate, you can’t always get to respond in a timely manner. And if you’re manually trying to book in appointments, it can get really messy and frustrating, for all parties involved.

When you let a Virtual Assistant manage your calendar for you, they can get it looking professional. That includes setting up any automation you need (such as automated booking systems), as well as implementing any follow-up needs (including feedback forms, sending out directions, and reminding clients of upcoming appointments).

#2: All your calendars will be linked together

You know what it’s like when you’re trying to organise your own diary. You’ve set up an online calendar on your PC but use another on your phone, and probably find yourself writing down other appointments in your paper planner. Before you know it, you’re missing crucial appointments and forgetting to sync everything up together.

A Virtual Assistant can take all of those elements and combine them into one online calendar that works for you. They’re handling all of the administrative elements of your calendar too, so if someone wants to reschedule, your VA will handle it for you. If you’re running late, your Virtual Assistant can rejig your calendar and call anyone who may be affected – so all you need to focus on is being on time.

#3: The amount of time you save will be huge

Never underestimate how long it takes to manage your calendar. All of that going back and forth, as you discuss possible appointment dates and times, takes time. And of course, if you’re trying to organise a group meeting, it’s even worse!

It also takes time moving appointments around and collating together everything you need for each one. When you let a Virtual Assistant manage your calendar for you, they cannot only manage the booking side of things, but also the organising, follow-up and preparation too.

#4: Manage your calendar = being organised

With all the best will and intentions in the world, there’s a very high chance you won’t be able to keep your calendar as organised as you want it to be. And can you honestly say you enjoy doing it yourself? But calendar management is a core skill set for any good Virtual Assistant. Taking it off your hands and getting it running smoothly and efficiently is what they love to do!

Part of running your own business is delegating the tasks that take you hours. Calendar management is one such task. Hand it over to a Virtual Assistant as they can do it for you easily – because it’s what they specialise in. Let them help you organise your diary and they’ll be able to help you prioritise what has to be done each day, week and month, by blocking small or large slots of time aside for what matters to you. When you want to focus on particular aspects of your business, let them know and they’ll slot in time for you to do those things. It’s not just about calendar management – it’s about helping you to be organised in your business too.

#5: You’ll be less stressed

And when your calendar is organised and running smoothly, you’ll be less stressed. There will be no more ping-ponging between clients, as you try to sort out booking in their appointments. You can stop storing important dates and appointments in your head, through fear that you might forget them. And you won’t have to worry about sending through important pre- and post-appointment follow-up information, as your Virtual Assistant will manage that for you.

Imagine how much less stressful your life will be, when you finally let go of managing it all yourself. You could even get some self-care scheduled into your working day! Think about how much time you will save and how much more professional you will look, when you let a Virtual Assistant manage your calendar for you. And remind yourself that you can choose that option for yourself, anytime you like.

If you’re ready to let a Virtual Assistant manage your calendar for you, why not get in touch? It’s just one of the tasks we can handle for you and not only will you reap the benefits listed above, but you’ll also free yourself up to focus on growing your business further. So click here to get in touch, and let’s discuss how we can easily get you started.

Alternatively, let us help to get your inbox, calendar and to-do list organised with our Getting Organised Programme – made with you in mind.