Exercise for Business Owners

Everybody keeps saying it: “Exercise.  Workout. Go to the gym, my friend. Jog. Walk. Keep fit……and so on”

Exercising is a form of a magical pill. At least for your body. And that we agree. But do you know that workouts can also be profitable for your business?


When you sweat it out, certain things happen to your body that can, in turn, make you more active in the office climaxing in more sales and income.

Sounds strange? See for yourself.

You’ll become more energetic

Heading to the gym every morning can seem a bit tiring.

The funny bit is that by sweating it out, you end up with more energy to handle the day’s business.

Any physical effort that elevates the heart rate improves blood circulation and will induce the release of endorphins which bring your energy levels up.

Subsequently, you will be able to handle tasks more efficiently and quickly. This will definitely help grow your bottom line.

You’ll be radiating with Joy

Do you feel sullen every time you look at the in-tray? Then, wear your jogging kit. One way of battling stress, foul moods and boredom is exercising.

Working out stimulates the release of more feel-good hormones including dopamine and serotonin.

So, you will enthusiastically receive the phone and quickly close the deal now that the client can hear that infectious laughter from your end.

You’ll be more productive

If you make exercise a religion, you will also start hitting the business targets religiously. Of course, you know that frequenting the gym helps you battle weight making you agiler.

But there is more:

Regular workouts make your brain razor-sharp and will help you make better business decisions.

You see, when you start your day with a morning jog, you’ll commence work feeling highly motivated since you’ve already achieved something.

And that could be the incentive you need to do more during the day. Don’t forget that you’re also feeling happier, more focused, and energized. Won’t all that equate to a better performance?

You’ll be overflowing with creativity

Several studies have shown that women who like drowning in their own sweat improve their convergent thinking. Consequently, your business will benefit from a more creative version of you.

It means there’s a probability that you will finally arrive at a solution to the issue of lagging sales in certain regions; quickly and easily.

So, if have an underlying problem whose answer looks like a distant dream, do your best running shoes and hit the road.

Workouts contribute to better time management

To work out, you must set aside time for the gym from your busy schedule. And even if it means investing in the best smartwatch for women, you have to follow a strict time plan.

Over time, you will similarly become accustomed to completing jobs within the allotted time. This means that the losses which result from time wasting will be firmly confined to history.

Concluding thoughts

Women in business need to exercise regularly. This not only benefits their physical health but also improves their business fortunes.

By bringing better time management, creative answers to nagging business questions, improved productivity, among others, time spent in the gym could prove to be a very worthy investment.


Guest Blog by Tracey Gallagher

Tracy Gallagher is the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Tools n Gadgets. The company deals with product reviews. She oversees research, editorial work and publishing. Given that most buyers are confused when it comes to selecting the best items in the market/store, Tools n Gadgets goes the extra mile in detailing the best sellers as well as pointing out elaborate details of what one needs to check before settling on a particular product.