Do you use computer shortcuts when producing documents, images, presentations etc?

I believe we need to be more efficient and effective when we use a computer and using computer shortcuts is the answer.

Many years ago before the use of the ‘mouse’ became the norm we had just the keyboard. Now that made sense to me as your hands are already on the keyboard so even in the basic sense of having to take your hands off the keyboard and use a different tool, means there is a break to the operation and therefore a break in the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of your actions.

I also believe the knowledge around computer shortcuts is diminishing and less people are using them. With technology moving so fast and our need to complete so much in double quick time it seems obvious to me that we would want to do that and also reduce the time it takes, reduce the impact on our hands (repetitive strain injury) and that means reduce the number of clicks it takes to get something done.

Keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts available are vast but you only need to use the ones that benefit you and that you use the most. If you are doing the ‘clicks’ rather than the shortcut it can only mean by the end of the day your fingers, hands, shoulders etc are aching. Not really encouraging you to do it all over again the next day!

computer shortcuts

As you can see from the image – these are just the ones I use regularly – there will be others that would benefit you more. They are all listed here for PCs. If you’re a Mac user try here.

When I show people these they are super pleased with themselves – they just have to keep using them for it to be remembered. We do slip into our old habits very easily. Just pick a couple, use them and then pick another couple. If they are the right ones for you, you will be using regularly and it shouldn’t take you long to master these.

Windows shortcuts

There are also great ones for use with Windows (using the window key on your keyboard) and a new one I’ve just learnt when on the internet. I work with numerous tabs open and to move between them needs the use of a mouse but a shortcut is Ctrl+Tab. This aligns to moving between open programmes (between Word, Email, Excel, Browser, etc) which is Alt+Tab. Although if you have as many as I have open it does take time to scroll through them all one by one!

Here’s an earlier post on shortcuts if you’re ready to learn more or a quick Quiz. Or check out my Facebook or LinkedIn where I share them.

PC Keyboard Combinations – Download a cheat sheet for you to keep near your computer.