Do you find yourself working all hours, while making little headway into your to-do list? You’re certainly not alone. Despite the huge leaps and bounds in technology, many business owners find themselves wasting big chunks of time on mundane tasks that could be better taken care of by a virtual assistant.

But if you’re wondering just how a VA can transform your workflow, let us explore just a few of the tasks that are probably eating up your time:

Diary management

You only have so many hours in the day for meetings, calls and distraction-free work. So it may seem ironic that much of your time disappears on keeping your diary up to date in the first place.

Giving this responsibility to someone you can trust not only takes the burden off your shoulders when you’re constantly out and about; it also prevents appointments from being double-booked or overlooked entirely. In doing so, you can ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Email management

Even more time-consuming than your agenda is your inbox. When faced with a constant barrage of emails, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when your business or career involves much of your day spent out of the office.

Rather than spending whole chunks of your time organising your inbox, acknowledging emails and updating your workflow, why not let someone else do the legwork? A virtual assistant can break the back of these mundane tasks by cutting the fat, so that you can focus on the most important messages.

Editing and proofreading

You’ve done the hard work of pulling together a blog, brochure or presentation. Now comes the joyless task of picking through every paragraph to ensure it’s ready to go. Editing and proofreading are not only an unwanted burden – it’s also incredibly difficult to spot mistakes when reading your own work back.

Whether you’ve got a working draft or an article that needs a final once-over, handing these mundane tasks over to a diligent virtual assistant will give you peace of mind that any embarrassing slip-ups are spotted before it’s too late.


Before you even reach the point of writing a powerful piece of content, you might need to transcribe a call or interview from audio to text. This can take hours of your precious time, especially if you’re not the fastest typist.

This is where a specialist virtual assistant can offer invaluable support, giving you peace of mind that your recordings will be transcribed accurately and cost-effectively, without having to do it all yourself.

When you consider the value of your own time, and compare this to the cost of a virtual assistant, it seems a no-brainer to outsource these mundane tasks. And the list doesn’t end there – from preparing presentations to booking travel and accommodation, there truly are so many ways in which a VA can free up more of your day.

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Michelle Poole




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