Blog Post Roundup – All about VAs and how you can work with one

So what exactly can a Virtual Assistant help you with? Do you know what tasks you can delegate to free up more of your precious time so that you can focus on what produces income to your business? In our roundup, we’ve included the top 10 blogs from Virtual Hand that provide some insight and inspiration as to how your VA can support you and save you time. Looking for more – check out our book on Amazon.


The value of your VA  Can you remember what it was like before you decided to delegate? Was it a time of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, not seeing the woods for the trees? Now that you a have a Virtual Assistant on board or maybe you are just thinking about working with a VA, this article will demonstrate VA Value.

How much does every hour cost you, or even every minute? Are you making the most of the ticking clock by filling the unforgiving minute?

Nowadays, holiday season is all year round. You want to be planning how your business will function during your absence, so that you can switch off, relax and recharge. Do you Need a VA to prepare for your holiday.

The time invested in your business needs to be effective.  If you are starting to work with someone new there will be time needed to get to know each other, learn how you both work and establish routines and processes that mean you will get the best from your time together. If you just need support when you take some time of then flexibility is what a VA can offer, however, keep in mind the benefit of a Virtual Assisant as they are not just for holidays.

Do you have a WordPress website? For many the answer will be ‘yes’ because this very intuitive platform has been the preferred option for many business start ups. Need a little help with it? Here’s how your VA can Work wonders with WordPress.

An On-line Business Manager is the answer! Whether a business is taking the first step to expand by turning to someone for support, or alternatively they have utilised the services of a VA before, they know that they are doing this because it makes sense!

You know what you want, need or would like so here starts the journey of finding the thing, at the right place, in a location you can get to and at the price you are prepared to pay. Do you need help with finding stuff or resourcing? 

Time saved with transcription. These days there’s a lot more to it, and there are many talented people you can turn to for support if you need your audio transcribing.

Outsourcing – is it right for you? Does the following scenario sound familiar? You’re a small business owner and you have a million and one things to do within your business. Each day starts off with the intention of being productive. You have a list of tasks that you need to perform to enable your business to function smoothly and with every will in the world, by the time you are due to finish your working day, you still have a number of tasks outstanding. Sounds like outsourcing might be just what you need!

We use the word collaboration a lot here at Virtual Hand. This is because the concept of working jointly on an activity or product is what we believe to be the way forward. It’s great to collaborate and save time.


Just a few of my blog posts but these ones are just a taster of what’s available. There are many more topics to explore. I hope they’ve been useful. Have you checked out my book on Amazon? A deluge of information for those looking at how a VA can help any business. Here it is!

Employing staff is a whole new ball game with its own set of rules. Working with a VA is an option that a great many business people are turning to. Check out my book on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Available on Amazon by clicking here

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