There’s an impish spirit in the air, hungering for mischief and self-indulgence. Since it becomes less feasible at this time of year for foreign escapades, it’s time to take advantage of a little black magic, pouncing on a devilish holiday deal in the run-up to Halloween. Elope to the country …

When you’re in the office, autumn really can’t be seen for what it is – a collision of crisp colours and sighing, rustling trees. We’ve found the ideal spot to appreciate this for yourself, ready for the Witching Hour to come around with good friends or family…

Lodging in your memory

Whether you’re seeking a fun escape with the kids or R&R with your partner, we’ve found two lakeside lodges to provide just that, squatting delicately on the banks of Cotswolds Waterpark.

Hear the lulling whisper of water as you drift off to sleep, ready for fishing, bird watching, paintballing or autumnal walks the next day. Our pair of lodges – the Kingfisher and the Heron – are kitted out with all the luxuries you could wish for, including underfloor heating and a toasty veranda to help you soak up the views.


Sound good?

Check out the Heron lodge >>>

Find out more about the Kingfisher >>>

Leaving us to pick up the slack

As you’re carving pumpkins in the hush of the countryside, we don’t want anything to disturb your inner peace, least of all a nagging feeling that you’ll return to your very own horror story.

Virtual Hand takes a load off your mind, stepping up to control your schedule, emails, calls and projects. Whatever tasks need a steady hand and eye while you’re gone, we’ll keep things ticking smoothly over.

We offer a free 20-minute consultation, so tell us your plan today, and let’s see how we can help.

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