Why EVERY business should have a sales process!

Last week I heard from a third party about the actions of one of my ‘competitors’ (well, not actually a competitor, just someone who does the same as me). It led me to think about what to do with this information or how I can use this to be a better business.

On the one hand I was pleased this third party did not like the approach my competitor had – as I do not act in this way I felt it brought me closer to working with this third party – which pleased me. But it also gave me an insight into the actions of others ‘in sales mode’. I have learnt from many people about the power of the words we say; how we can actually use language, tone and gestures to encourage agreement from your prospects and get that sale. How selling to people just doesn’t work. So, why is it some people still rely on the whole ‘selling’ to get a new client?

Do you ever think about others and think about how they operate and whether you can learn from them?

On the other hand what would your competitors think about your actions and how you operate?

Although I heard how my competitor was operating, I was pleased I did not act in this way but it also made me think about how I do act and what ‘process’ I have in place; my sales process. Every business needs a process and until this is written down and followed through (fine tuning may be required) it cannot ‘process a sale’ successfully. A proven process will deliver every time; all things being equal of course. Your prospect must both want and need your service/widget.

This is ultimately important to a growing business as new staff will need to know the process and it is far easier for them to follow it ‘to the letter’ than be guided one-to-one as it takes you out of operation; therefore halving your efforts rather than doubling them!

Do you have a Proven Sales Process? Is it tested and used by all staff? I’d be interested to hear your responses.

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