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The tag [TIME SAVED] shows you where a Virtual Assistant (such as Virtual Hand) can save you time by doing these elements. This allows you to do what you love in your business as well as what you are good at.

We all know that communication is the key to success, client satisfaction and the smooth running of your business.

Keeping your clients up to date, together with their reciprocal approach to providing information to you is the foundation to a balanced business relationship. However, what is the right amount of communication? Too much or too little can be critical to a satisfactory outcome, which poses the question…

How often should you talk to your VA?

It can be a difficult question to answer as every virtual assistant is unique in how they work. It’s important that communication expectations are discussed at the outset of working together to enable boundaries to be established and methods of communication clearly defined.

Most virtual assistants will offer the following:-

  • A weekly, fortnightly or monthly telephone meeting to discuss requirements, developments, improvements and most importantly a customer care courtesy to ensure everything is going as intended. This can be pre booked into schedules [TIME SAVED].
  • Details of their office/working hours so that their clients know availability to make contact.
  • Alternative contacts in the event that they are unavailable for urgent assistance.
  • Service level agreements which provide clients with details as to turnaround of work. This provides an idea to the client as to when they can expect tasks to be completed. Of course, this depends on the nature of the requirement which should be discussed on instruction.

Communication isn’t just about talking to each other. It is also about working together as a team effectively. If you are utilising specific technology tools to perform tasks, it’s important that both VA and client know how to access and use them. If you have a shared method of sharing documentation, it needs to be clearly communicated how things are organised and filed, so that both parties can gain access easily. Virtual Hand believe it’s good practice to have your systems and processes documented [TIME SAVED] to enable a straight forward client experience?

Ensuring that a client knows they can easily approach their VA for assistance is a message that needs to be clearly communicated.

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