Blog Post Roundup – Some useful posts all in one place about business ownership.

Being a business owner is demanding. There’s so much to do, so much to manage and team that up with trying to create a work/life balance it can sometimes just get too much. We’ve curated together a few of our favourite posts when it comes to business ownership. We hope that there may be something that you’ve not yet thought of to assist in running your business that you might find helpful.

We all as busy business owners need to take a break, so when you decide to down tools who’s providing your holiday cover?

Do you often find that your day feels as if it has run away from you? It’s crucial to know the importance of time management in business.

All big businesses have set processes and systems to follow to carry out their work – it’s the sure fire way to ensure everything works out in the end – but in the most effective, timely and best practice way of doing things

Having standards and standardisation helps with your business persona, how people perceive you and how they can expect to be treated when working with you.

Imagine looking at your diary to find a lovely smattering of new appointments that have been made with either new clients, review meetings or just meetings that you need with suppliers/customers/the bank manager etc; it can only give you a warm fuzzy feeling!

Getting invoices paid is sometimes a time of stress. Working with lovely clients that pay when you send the invoice, or at least by the due date is ideal and makes your work all the more rewarding. However, there is not a 100% guarantee of this every time.

Business owners need help with social media, it’s too big a task to do all on your own. Writing content, scheduling, creating graphics etc… It’s a job too big for one person.

What tools do you use to help you with new clients? Do you have a favourite that helps you stay organised, motivated and helps grow your business relationship?

Do you have someone who takes your calls for you when you’re not available? Have you considered a call answering service?

Contracts are important to both the client and the supplier and having effective Terms & Conditions in place is all part of running a business and providing goods or a service. Are you getting your contracts signed before you start working with your client?

Just a few of my blog posts but these ones are just a taster of what’s available. There are many more topics to explore. I hope they’ve been useful.

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