Are you still building your business on the right foundations? It’s a question many entrepreneurs never really stop to ask themselves. But as you and your business grow and evolve, it’s an important question to ask. Your business can take on a life of its own, and you often find you get caught up in the momentum of it all. You never really stop to check if it’s running efficiently or even if it’s headed in the right direction.

That’s why it’s so important to stop and check that you’re building it on the right foundations. Because it’s not just about having the right business pillars in place, it’s also about checking it’s using the right tools and if it’s growing into a business that’s right for you.

So use the following tips to help check in on the health and direction of your business.

Go back and check you’re building your business on the right foundations

Start by going back to the beginning and checking in on your foundations. What is it you want for yourself and your business? Why did you choose to start your business? Maybe you need to now establish a new reason for being in business or a new direction?

Review your progress and check your goals are still right for you. Check you’re still building your business on the right foundational goals. If you’re looking for help with this, check out the blog post: Are you on track with your business goals?

Clarify your business goals

You can then clarify or amend your goals as needed. What is it you want to aim for? Are the goals you initially set for yourself, still relevant or have you already achieved what you set out to do? Clarify what goals you now want to focus on and check that you’re being honest with the business goals you want to achieve.

Are your tools up for the job?

When you first start building your business, you would’ve used the most affordable and suitable tools at that time. But are your tools still up for the job at hand, or are you making do with them now? Is it a case of going back in and setting them up right, or do you need to choose more robust and appropriate ones for how your business is now?

Ensure you’re spending your time and building a business that matters to you

You’re a crucial part of your business foundations and how you spend your time is critical to its success. So how are you spending your time? Are you spending all your time working in or on your business? Are you using your time on those tasks you want to do and on those tasks that matter? Or are you constantly firefighting from one emergency to another?

Check out 5 easy steps where time can be saved in business for help with managing your time.

Know what you need to implement to build your business further

Once you’ve checked the foundations of your business, it’s time to implement what you need to move your business forward. This includes creating systems and processes that will better support you and your business and doing what’s necessary to free up your time.

You need to find the time to outsource to help you move forward. It not only frees up your time but also enables you to create a team that can better support your business. But what else do you need to implement?

Building your business on the right foundations isn’t just about having the right business pillars in place. It’s also about ensuring that you have the right tools and resources in place to help your business grow. That means regularly reviewing your business goals, progress, tools and resources, but also reviewing yourself. Checking in with how you’re managing your time and organising yourself, so you’re not just working in your business, but also in control of it.

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